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The NutriBase Pro Edition can auto-insert comments into your intake report when a client is under or over any goal for any nutrient. Typically, "under" comments suggest good sources of the nutrient your client is deficient in and "over" comments provide safe upper limit information.

The unique aspect of this capability as implemented in NutriBase is that you have complete control over what these comments say. You can also control which nutrients will have comments.

You can add comments for when clients are under their goal or over their goal for any nutrients.

You can control when these comments will be auto-inserted into your reports. For instance, you may want the "Over" comment to be inserted if the client is say, 150% over their goal for a particular nutrient. Maybe it isn't so bad to be a little over their goal. You can set the trigger level for all over and under messages.

The ability to have the software auto-insert these messages for you lets you customize your reports for your clients. You determine which foods you recommend for obtaining sufficient amounts of any nutrient. You determine what your warning is when your clients exceed their goals for any nutrient. This lets you customize your intake reports and personalize them to your satisfaction.

This feature not only lets you customize your intake reports - it also saves you time by inserting your personalized messages for you automatically... it makes your reports, your reports.

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