How to Add Your Medication Data to a Recipe
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A Tracker Recipe is a collection of food items (ingredients) that represents a dish you can add to your Food Log whenever you eat it.

A Tracker Recipe will also save your medicine (i.e., insulin dosage) for you if desired.

The purpose of a Tracker Recipe is to remember a set of ingredients you that you eat together frequently so you don't have to look up the individual foods every time you eat the combination.

To create a Recipe (or to edit an existing Recipe), tap your Edit Tab, tap Recipes, then select an existing Recipe or tap Create to create a new Recipe.

To add your insulin dosage (or any other meds you take), tap the Meds button and enter in your information. You can store the type, brand and amount of medication you take when you eat this recipe. This data will be saved for you along with your Recipe. It will be displayed when you view your existing Recipes.

Two hours after you eat this Recipe, check your blood glucose levels and adjust your meds as required so that your dosage is more accurate the next time you eat this Recipe.

Build a library of Recipes you can eat without the need to re-estimate you dosages from scratch.

Tracker Meals can also store your meds information for you.

This topic updated 12/14/15

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