How to Create a Meal From Scratch
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Tracker Meals are collections of food items that you eat as a Meal or as a Snack.

The purpose of a Meal is to save you time by saving a combination of foods so you don't have to look them up each time you eat this Meal.

A Tracker Meal can also save your medicine (i.e., insulin dosage) for you if desired.

Using Meals can save you time every time you use the Meal in the future by making it unnecessary to look up every food in the Meal every time you need to log that combination of foods.

Tracker Recipes serve a similar function. Recipes are similar to Meals except that you can tell Tracker the number of servings that you ate of any Recipe. (A Meal is always assumed to be one serving.) Recipes can also save your Med information if desired.

There are two ways to create Meals with your Tracker App. One way is to use the foods you have already logged as a Meal or Snack today and create a Meal from logged foods.

If you haven't recorded any foods you want to include as a Meal, you can create a Meal from scratch.

This topic will tell you how to create a Meal from scratch.

In your Tracker App, tap the Edit Tab to bring up this window:

To create a Meal from scratch, tap the “Meals” option. Then tap "Create."

Give your Meal a name.

Tap the Add (+) icon to add foods to this Meal. You can add a Database food, Restaurant food, a Custom food, or a My food. (All of these food types are defined on you your Tracker Definitions page.)

Meals with Meds. If you are diabetic and you take medications with your Meals, we suggest you to record your meds with your Meal. This feature is designed to help you take control of this disease.

To record your meds with your Meal, tap the Meds button at the bottom of this window.

Record the type, brand, and amount of medication you take with your Meal.

Two hours later, check your blood glucose levels. If your results are good, then the type, brand, and amount of the meds you took with this Meal may be optimal for this Meal. If the results are not what you were looking for, we encourage you to edit your meds to make the amount more appropriate for the desired BG result.

By checking your BG levels each time you eat a particular Meal with Meds, you will be able to "dial in" your Meals for your body and metabolism.

Over time, you will be able to build a library of Meals with optimized meds to use in the future. Because you have been adjusting the meds you take with these meals, there's a good chance you can safely eat these meals without the need to re-estimate your medication dosage. With a good collection of these Meals with Meds, you will have a lot of dining choices waiting for you.

Tracker Recipes can also store your meds information for you.

This topic updated 12/14/15

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