The NutriBase Tracker Edit Window
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Tapping the Edit Tab brings you this window:

Creating a Custom Food. Tap the “Custom Foods” option, then tap the Create Tab. Enter in your values. To add additional nutrients, tap the “More Nutrients” Tab.

Creating a Custom Exercise. Tracker comes with 80+ common exercises. To add a new exercise, you need to know - or be able to estimate - the number of calories you will burn in performing this exercise for a given period of time (this is called the exercise’s “burn rate”). To create a Custom Exercise, tap the “Custom Exercises” option, then tap the Create Tab. Enter the requested information and tap the Save option.

Create a Meal. To create a Meal, tap the “Meals” option. Tap the Create option. For details, read our How to Create a Meal From Scratch topic.

This topic updated 12/02/15

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