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NutriBase Nutrition Facts Labels

NutriBase Pro Edition can produce basic US and Canadian labels for you.

If you have the need for a different type of label, NutriBase can export your label data into an Excel or CSV (caret separated values) text file that you can take to a label making web site or to a local print shop.

If you need a label format not supported by NutriBase, consider taking your NutriBase file to someone who can create a label for you using their image editing software. Once they produce your custom label image, you can use it as a template and insert new nutrient values into it as needed to create additional labels. This method will be far less expensive than purchasing software that can reproduce every conceivable label format in existence.

In general, all of the methods above can save you thousands of dollars compared to purchasing a dedicated high-end label making software program.

For help using the label function in NutriBase, visit our Help Topics.

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